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Enterprise together to advance healthcare excellence

Healthcare Integrated

VitalCuore dedicates support to its customers with professionalism with high-added value.

Aimed at healthcare facilities: hospitals; clinics and homes for the elderly.

VitalCuore has had the recognition of a high reputation in the provision of its services with a strong focus on quality.

In view of the new needs, challenges, and changes imposed by the market, VitalCuore today offers highly personalized services to operators of hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes in the context of supporting performance and growth.

Our team with more than 30 years of experience and operational expertise is known for proposing a holistic perspective that generates new values across borders and between silos of your organization. It demonstrated the result of a multiplier effect from optimizing the sum of the parts and not just the individual units.


Temporary Staff

Ensure your team runs optimally.

Management and Consulting

Improve your performance and ensure sustainable growth.


Strategic partnership

Outsource your services with us by your side.


Temporary Staff

Support for your team

Based on the difficulty of finding professional socio-health resources, VitalCuore has structured the recruitment activity capable of identifying, hiring, and retaining the best talents.  Candidates are subjected to a rigorous selection and then, if necessary, trained for optimization of their function and integration into the work team. We offer our customers the following profiles:

Doctors - Nurses - OSS - Physiotherapists


Contract renewal due to quality and customer satisfaction.


of our staff have advanced training




success factor for all predefined goals.

Attributes for success

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Staff available promptly

Accredited, recognized and insured

Available 24 hours a day

Persnale Temporaneo

Management and Consulting

Partner to your aspirations

YoutalCuore has formed a team of consultants specialized in the healthcare sector. With more than 30 years of experience, in strategy, finance, health economics and operational efficiency. These services include:

  • Structured Finance & Management Control

  • M&A, Disposition and Extraordinary Finance

  • Profitability improvement

  • Analysis and Optimization of Operational Functions

  • Efficiency of Diagnostics/Policlinics

  • Strategic Map & Business Planning

  • Technological and Digital Transformation

  • Domestic and International Strategic Partnerships.

Attributes for success


in planning and execution analyses.


95% success factor.


simplify for everyone to understanding.

Gestine e Consulenza

Strategic Partnership

Expand your services

Ensure that a patient is followed up after a hospital stay to ensure a quick and effective recovery while avoiding a potential return to the hospital (leading to significant healthcare costs in a country). Vitalcuore offers our partners the possibility of carrying out or strengthening a home service to guarantee:

  • Continuity of scheduled therapies

  • Monitoring and reporting

  • Patient care counseling

  • Accompaniment to medical visits

  • Management of administrative procedures

  • Supplies & equipment in patient residences

  • New home offers such as physiotherapy, X-rays, ultrasounds, blood sampling, specialist visits, dentistry, etc.

Attributes for success


Integration and Coordination of the parties.


Continuity of care and compliance with schedules.

Integrated Solutions

through the aggregation of the various services.

Partenariato Strategico

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